Frequently asked questions

What is the Penang Bay Ideas Competition about?

The Penang Bay Ideas Competition is a concept to transform the George Town and Butterworth waterfront assets into a seamless and dynamic New Economic Zone aligned with the aspirations of Penang2030 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

It is an invitation to local and global innovators to generate inspiring ideas and concepts to reimagine the way Penang can leverage its water-based assets in order to drive prosperity while building a resilient city-state. This is a unique opportunity to take part in a milestone project at a critical moment to craft the future of a city.

Why is there a need for an international competition?

Launching this competition would offer collaborative opportunities to connect Penang with international talent and audiences, which would be mutually beneficial. It is a chance for Penang to seek and showcase world-class ideas and ways to future-proof cities. By extending an invitation to local and global innovators, it would encourage the generation of ideas, stimulate discussion and engage local and global entities, and other interested parties in the Penang Bay concept.

What are the benefits of the competition?

The Penang Bay International Ideas Competition will be the avenue to crowdsource ideas, stimulate discussion and open the minds of people to possibilities to achieve the aspirations for Penang2030.

We hope that the ideas competition will also spark innovative ways in which we can enhance the city-making effort in the state and deal with key issues surrounding climate change, technological disruption, and social transformation.

The outcomes of an attractive, waterfront area with a resilient and thriving environment will further develop the entrepreneurial and creative innovation ecosystems and the tourism sector, while boosting the economy and contributing to the nation’s GDP.

Who can participate?

The competition is open to all. While professional collaborations and multidisciplinary teams are encouraged, all individuals are welcomed.

What are the top ambitions of this project?

Key to Penang’s future is a renewal of its original urban core to bring life back into its historical and natural water-based assets. It would enable people and generate capital for investment in a new city form—one where culture, nature, business and technology are symbiotically organised.

The project also works towards the goals for Penang2030 as a transformed state, with increased liveability and quality of life, an upgraded economy with raised household incomes, and an improved and resilient environment. The making of Penang Bay could benefit from the best in innovation and as such we are appealing to the best innovative minds from around the world.

Who are the custodians of the competition?

The competition is organised by the Penang State Government and George Town Conservation and Development Corporation (GTCDC) along with partners—Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) and Penang Island City Council (MBPP), with Think City as the project delivery partner.

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Why I couldn't log in even I already registered?

The email will need to be verified prior to logging in. The verification link will only be valid for 24 hours. We would advise you check your spam or junk mail to verify the email.


How do we pay for the registration fee?

Once you’ve registered, verified your email and successfully logged into your page, there will be a payment button on the upper right. You may click it to proceed with payment.

Is there any other payment method such as credit card etc instead of Paypal?

You are able to make payment using other option than paypal. When you click “Make Payment”, you’ll be directed to Paypal payment gateway. Once you reached here, there is an option below paypal login to proceed payment with credit card.

GIS & autoCAD Download

I am unable to download the GIS and autoCAD plan via the provided link. I have registered as suggested but couldn't download either way.

The GIS cadastral map will be available once payment of USD25 has been made through the user account login page.

Can you provide:-
(a) geolocated GIS files as separate layers? (The CAD files provided are not geolocated and are in different scales.)

(b) site boundaries as a GIS file? (Assuming they are the same as the district boundaries of the components: Georgetown, Butterworth, Penang Strait) - are there others available for download? E.g. Roads, Rail, Bus Routes, Hydrology, Open Space, Topography

Unfortunately, we do not possess the information you require off their sources. However, the Penang state has information on the GIS layers in the websites below for your reference:

Unfortunately, we do not possess the information you require off their sources. However, the Penang state has information on the GIS layers in the websites below for your reference:

Penang GeoHub Penang Smart Plan

Can I know the exact location and boundaries for the Penang Bay Competition? Please provide the exact location by providing boundaries and size of the site.

There is a map and description in the brief that includes 18km of waterfronts on island from Gurney to the first Penang Bridge, and 15km on the mainland from Penang bridge to the Butterworth airforce base. We would encourage the participants to not limit themselves within a specific boundary, however the guide can be referred from the brief. The participants should take note of all projects in motion but not be bound by them, as we are seeking for ideas that can address the challenges and meet competition criteria.

Registration - Team & Individual

I intend to submit our entry as a team. Would I need to register each individual on the website?

You can register up to 5 team members per entry as the official team members for our contact purposes. Once you’ve registered and successfully logged in, a form will be provided for you to enter details of your team members.

The registration shall be under company name or personal name?

We welcome individuals or collaborations from multiple parties. You can register under one name in your company and add your team members in the registration form. We are open to both individual, company representatives and the company. If your submission has been selected, we will enquire further details about your team and company for the preparation of next round.

Would like to ask for clarification in regards to the limit of participation, whether a person can register several entries with different entry identification numbers?

Once you’ve registered, you are allowed to submit only one entry per registration. You are allowed to have multiple registrations under one name.

How can I update the members list after I have enter the initial members?

You may email us the list if you would like to make changes and we will accommodate your request, otherwise there is a Team Members tab in your login page that you can click and edit.

Does the registrant for the account need to be part of the members list as well?

Yes, preferably all registrants are inclusive of the team members list. You are also required to register your name in the team member form even if you intend to participate as an individual.

Can I add more than 5 team members?

The 5 team members is inclusive of the registered participant and we only accept up to 5 names at the moment. However, should you succeed to be in the final stage, you will be enquired to submit more details and potentially expand the team members list for exhibition purposes.


I have registered for the competition. However, there was no entry number assigned. Would you please advise how do I make the submission? Just upload the panels via the "submission" tab without the need to indicate any entry number?

Yes, you can immediately submit the entry through the submission tab. We will assign the numbering before sending to the judges for evaluation.

With regards to the requirement of anonymity of the submission materials, how do we label them? Do we include a registration number on the boards? If so, how do we find out what our identifying registration/reference number is?

Do not worry about the registration ID as it will automatically linked to your submission once you dropped them online. The ID will appear on the judge’s score sheet during assessment and evaluation process.

Is there a specific orientation requirement to the A1 boards? Will it matter if our submission is in portrait or landscape format?

You are free to use landscape or portrait orientation as long as they are in A1 size.